Revitalization will soon begin!

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-- EDIT (08/04/2023): If anyone wanting to donate graphics realized that the link seemingly changed overnight and now has a password, do not be alarmed. You are not the reason for the change. It's just come to my attention that a good portion of our guide, as well as our trade card and achievement templates, were stolen by someone else for their own TCG. The change to how we handle templates, including those that were provided only for staff use, was done to avoid more incidents in the future.

-- EDIT (11/29/2023): If you check out my personal profile for Spotlight, you'll notice that the achievement plaque template has changed. This was done primarily to combat the fact that the original template had been ripped. The new one is customized on a per-member basis. Therefore, not even a co-admin would have access to it. I will simply be making all achievements myself.

If you're seeing this, then that means I've officially announced the start of Spotlight's revitalization phase! To make things short and simple, it will function as a pseudo-prejoin phase of sorts. Paticipants will even get to select up to three decks to be released upon the official relaunch. This will, of course, be dependent on the amount of revitalization donations that are actually made per member.

This raises a question, are we supposed to determine the amount of decks that people can request for relaunch before the end of revitalization? Honestly, it's pretty simple. We will be going by the total number of non-puzzle (character, opening/ending, performance) deck claims that they make during the revitalization phase (both donated and those not yet donated) as the claims cut-off will be a full week before revitalization actually ends.

And for those wondering why puzzle claims won't increase the amount of decks you can request, it's because a puzzle deck is a single image. Aside from coming up with a description, there's not much involved when it comes to preparing the donation. Allowing people who only donate puzzles to be able to request the same amount of decks as those who donate other categories is just a little unfair.

Of course, some people simply can't donate decks for the other categories for one reason or another...which also makes it a bit unfair. Maybe someone is in a situation where they're not allowed to actually download images? Someone in this circumstance would, of course, donate puzzles so that they could still participate.

In this case, how do we make deck requests fair?

Well, first, let's see how one can increase their deck requests with non-puzzle deck donations:
  • At least ONE (1) deck or graphic donation = one deck request
  • Max out ONE (1) category of non-puzzle deck donation claims = two deck requests
  • Max out at least TWO (2) categories of non-puzzle deck donation claims = three deck requests
So what about puzzle-only donators? Well, the single deck request is a no-brainer and remains the same regardless. Each non-puzzle category has a maximum claim amount of 20 decks. Now, because less work is involved for preparing puzzle donations...donating double this amount in puzzles will allow a member to increase their deck requests by 1. In other words, if one wanted to get to the max number of deck requests using only puzzle decks, they'd have to donate a minimum of 80 decks.

If this seems large, that's because it is...but I just can't justify letting someone who only donates puzzle decks, which are single images, request the same amount of decks for relaunch when they're doing less work.

Yeah, I know it sucks.