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Artist Activities ★ Featured Artist


You recognize Oozora Akari, right? If not, you should. After all, she's the newest queen of Starlight Academy. If you're curious about why she's here, it's because we've requested her help in handing out the reward for this particular activity - in addition to helping us select who receives the reward. What does this mean? It means that she helps us select one member every month and that member, alone, will receive a rather large reward. This reward includes the following:
  • 2 choice cards
  • 10 random cards
  • 100 Idol Points
  • 2 Prestige
  • 1 Special Deck Donation boost
  • Featured Artist Benefits
    • Double Regular Donations for this month
    • +2 Release Pulls from every update during this month
    • Ability to include up to 15 masteries per post for the duration of the month.
    • No limit on cards-per-deck when purchasing choice cards from Record Store
    • Pick four (4) decks to be released during the course of the month - either on the upcoming list or on the donation claim sheet (marked as donated). The featured artist will get 1 extra pull from these decks regardless of whether or not they donated it.

Featured Artist: ranka

The Reward

You must be logged in to view the Featured Artist rewards. The reason that this is required is because Cami will check the member's personal logs to make sure the reward has been picked up.

Past Featured Artists - Current Run (2020)

Past Featured Artists - Original Run (2018-2019)