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august is now here

New Members: N/A
Levels: N/A
Masteries: Kayori (jingujiren), Lex (hanazonotae, imailisa, midnightsparkle, udagawaako)

Before y'all say anything...I know this is a full day after I promised to actually post this. I have no excuse - and I now realize that I shouldn't promise updates on the last day before the start of the new month.

Games: You can play the WEEKLY, BIWEEKLY SET 2, and MONTHLY games again. Wishing Well has been moved to the weekly game set until further notice.

Update Freebies: For the next few weeks, as our wish pool hopefully grows, we'll be doing standard update freebies. There are a couple for this week since it's a day late - but also the start of a brand new month.

First thing's first, go ahead and take choice cards spelling out "ANNIVERSARY" because Spotlight's anniversary is coming up! It'll techincally only be the one-year anniversary because let's just say time stopped for Spotlight during the time that it was essentially in limbo. These freebies expire on August 7, 2020 and have a limit of 3 cards per deck.

Second set of freebies, where you take choice cards spelling out "AUGUST", expires at the end of the month. You can check out that donation deadline countdown timer to make sure you're still good for these. They have no limits.

New Decks: Here are the decks that we have for you this week. As always, it is a combination of voted decks and admin-choice decks.

The July Featured Artist, Lex, requested the release of playfulpooltime so they may take an extra card from that deck on top of their normal freebies.

You may claim up to ten (10) cards from this release with a limit of two (2) cards per deck.
Donators and/or deck makers may claim an additional card from each deck that they made/donated.
Please organize your pull swaps in the #trades-and-pulls channel of our Discord server.
If there is nothing that you want to keep from this release (and you are unable to swap them with someone else), please click here for the update randomizer. This randomizer will log your cards automatically if you are signed in.

August Donations: Deck claims have opened up for the month of August. If you'd like to donate to Spotlight, please venture over to this thread in order claim your decks beforehand. We will not accept any deck donations that were not yet claimed and approved prior to them being posted.

August Birthdays: If you were born in the month of August, please don't forget to claim your birthday present or your achievement plaque before August 31!

August - Featured Artist: The featured artist for the month of August is Kayori.

To select the four decks to be released over the course of this month, please send a private message to Cami on the forums or through a direct message on Discord.

Event Cards: We've got a couple here for you today. One for the new month, and the other for the new month's Featured Artist!

Event Cards: ev-august2020, ev-082020featuredartist

Closing Notes: I'll see you guys again on August 7!

by Kayori on 02 Aug 2020 10:04 am
ANNIVERSARY: bloodyshadows02, bloodyshadows03, gamushararomantic07, gamushararomantic08, gamushararomantic09, givingyoucourage05, givingyoucourage06, givingyoucourage07, kotobukireiji18, kotobukireiji19, kotobukireiji20

AUGUST: gamushararomantic10, gamushararomantic12, gamushararomantic13, gamushararomantic14, kotobukireiji21, kotobukireiji22

New Decks: aijokaren07, akabanefutami13, chigasakiitaru15, imaikana16, kimigamitasorawapv06, playfulpooltime05, roadtoidol13, shimmeringbubbles02, undead02, voicewithnomaster13

Event Cards: ev-august2020, ev-082020featuredartist
Thank you!
by Zenit on 02 Aug 2020 04:56 pm
- ANNIVERSARY: shinkaikanata04, bremenmusicians10, bremenmusicians13, shinkaikanata12, littledevilcollection04, littledevilcollection15, bremenmusicians16, shinkaikanata19, melodyinthedarkpv01, melodyinthedarkpv07, melodyinthedarkpv22
- AUGUST: bremenmusicians17, bremenmusicians19, shingancrimsonz21, bremenmusicians20, bremenmusicians23, shinkaikanata22
- New Decks: aijokaren05, chigasakiitaru07, akabanefutami01, imaikana05, voicewithnomaster03, undead09, undead10, shimmeringbubbles02, shimmeringbubbles07, kimigamitasorawapv11
- Event Cards: ev-august2020, ev-082020featuredartist
- Idol Perk (Hijirikawa Cyan) #2: undead20, undead21
by Pam on 04 Aug 2020 06:46 am
took A-aijimacecil06, N-jingujiren16, N-jingujiren18, I-jingujiren19, V-heavensgate01, E-aijimacecil07, R-kurosakiranmaru23, S-kurosakiranmaru22, A-camus02, R-kurususyo02, Y-kurususyo03

took A-aizomekento02, U-ashuyuta25, G-kaneshirogoushi01, U-fudoakane25, S-kitakadotomohisa03, T-onzaimomotaro25

new sets took aijokaren01, chigasakiitaru25, akabanefutami01, imaikana25, voicewithnomaster01, roadtoidol07, playfulpooltime25,undead03, shimmeringbubbles01, kimigamitasorawapv25

Event Cards took ev-august2020, ev- 082020featuredartist
by Lex on 06 Aug 2020 12:38 am
New Decks: aijokaren03, playfulpooltime07, shimmeringbubbles08, chigasakiitaru14, akabanefutami12, imaikana10, voicewithnomaster11, roadtoidol14, undead14, kimigamitasorawapv19

Donated: aijokaren19, playfulpooltime14, shimmeringbubbles21

Featured Artist: playfulpooltime19

Event Cards: ev-august2020, ev-082020featuredartist

Idol Perk (Kunikida Hanamaru): aijokaren10, playfulpooltime12

Freebies (ANNIVERSARY): segacollab01, mermaidcollection03, mermaidcollection04, mermaidcollection06, wakamiyaeve01, segacollab09, aqourswonderland02, segacollab12, aqourswonderland11, aqourswonderland15, fairytaleforest15

Freebies (AUGUST): segacollab02, aqourswonderland01, segacollab03, aqourswonderland09, segacollab11, mermaidcollection13

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