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november, baby!

New Members: N/A
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Yes, I'm well aware that this is an entire day late again (just like I was in September).

Games: All of the MONTHLY games have been updated. Feel free to go play them.

Update Freebies: I can't not give freebies during a new month. All of these freebies will exire by November 30, 2020.

As a male idol lover, I feel obligated to give birthday freebies that don't coincide with weekly updates during the monthly update. Each of these birthday freebies has a limit of three cards per deck. (If you love Enstars like me, I know you've already noticed someone missing from this list of November babies - but don't worry, he falls on an actual update day so he even gets an event card.)

  1. Choice cards spelling out "SENA IZUMI" (Ensemble Stars!) for his birthday on November 2.
  2. Choice cards spelling out "SAKUMA REI" (Ensemble Stars!) for his birthday that is also on November 2. (I'm biased so this freebies has no limits.)
  3. Choice cards spelling out "HAKAZE KAORU" (Ensemble Stars!) for his birthday on November 3.
  4. Choice cards spelling out "SAEGUSA IBARA" (Ensemble Stars!) for his birthday on November 14.
  5. Choice cards spelling out "SHIMOTSUKI SHUN" (Tsukiuta) for his birthday on November 24. (I'm biased so this freebies has no limits.)

Of course, as this IS a day late, I feel even more obligated to give this next set of freebies: choice cards spelling out "NOVEMBER 2020" for the start of the new month. This last also freebie has no limits.

Donation Claims: Donation claims have officially been reset for the month. If you would like to donate to the site, please go ahead and start claiming your decks now.

November Babies: If you have a November birthday, go ahead and collect your birthday present and apply for your birthday achievement plaque before the end of the month!

Featured Artist: Our new featured artist for the month of November is ranka!

Feel free to pick up your rewards pack and apply for your achievement plaque. Make sure to PM Cami with your desired decks before the next weekly update.

Events: It's the start of a new month, which means a brand new event card - which you can find below. (Since this update was technically meant to go up yesterday, we're not releasing event cards for Izumi and Rei - so all you get are their birthday freebies above.)

Event Cards: ev-september2020, ev-092020featuredartist

Closing Notes: I'll see you guys on November 6 for the first weekly update of November.

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