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New Members: N/A
Levels: Lex (Auditionee)
Masteries: N/A
Affiliates: Card Hoarder, Connecting Hearts → check them out!

Games: You can play the WEEKLY, BIWEEKLY SET 2, and MONTHLY games again. The exception to this is Collaboration Stage. Since we literally just implemented the new on-site system, we'll keep it going for the whole month of July.

What does this mean for maximum contributions? Basically, it means that there's a maximum of six (6) images from each member. In the event that you didn't submit any images last month, please submit the first three (3) before the next update. The last three can be spread throughout the rest of the month with the rate of one image per week.

Contributions will not be deleted as those have to be removed from the database directly as I hadn't thought of needing to delete images when testing the script. Please keep in mind that the collaboration stage script was hand-coded by me. This is why the rewards...whenever they're actually displayed are on a separate page for logging purposes. I can't figure out how to get them to not change per member - or prevent it from logging again in the event that they're viewed again.

I have a few ideas to fix the rewards thing without doing too much work but I'm not so confident in my coding abilities that I'd be willing to try them out just yet. Please be patient with me.

Featured Artist: Dun dun dun! I'm sure you were all wondering how long it would take for this particular activity to be brought back. Well, have no fear for I am here...and I just ruined it, didn't I? Anyway, I'll get right to the point. I wanted to make sure this was brought back before the site's official birthday in August.

You're probably wondering who I've picked for this month since we kinda only have 11 members aside from myself right now - which means everyone will eventually be selected. But...in any case, the first person that shall be in the limelight is none other than Lex!

To select the four decks to be released over the course of this month, please send a private message to Cami on the forums. Also, please note that your regular deck donation limit will be 20 decks as this is a double donation per the wish listed below.

Wishing Well: The following wishes are being granted this week:

Cami wished for:

A double donation month!

July's claim thread has been updated to reflect this.

Lex wished for:

5 choice cards from the same series

No more than one card per deck! The decks you choose MUST be listed on the same series page for it to count.

New Decks: Here are the decks that we have for you this week. As always, it is a combination of voted decks and admin-choice decks.

You may claim up to ten (10) cards from this release with a limit of two (2) cards per deck.
Donators and/or deck makers may claim an additional card from each deck that they made/donated.
Please organize your pull swaps in the #trades-and-pulls channel of our Discord server.
If there is nothing that you want to keep from this release (and you are unable to swap them with someone else), please click here for the update randomizer. This randomizer will log your cards automatically if you are signed in.

July Donations: All claims from June that were not donated have been cleared from the spreadsheets and are up for grabs once more! If you haven't done so already, please click here and start claiming your deck donations.

July Babies: If you were born in the month of July, please don't forget to claim your birthday gift and request your achievement plaque before the end of the month.

Event Cards: We've got a couple here for you today...mostly because we've finally, finally, starting up the featured artist activity again.

Event Cards: ev-july2020, ev-400decks, ev-072020featuredartist

Closing Notes: I'll see you guys again on July 10! Also, I'd like to apologize for posting this two days late. I blame Falcom because I was playing Trails of Cold Steel 3 all day.

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