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an early update for early birds

New Members: N/A
Levels: N/A
Masteries: N/A

Games: You can play the WEEKLY, BIWEEKLY SET 1, and MONTHLY games again.

Wishing Well: Due to the lack of wishes since we have just rebooted, no wishes will be granted this week. We apologize for this.

New Decks: Here are the decks that we have for you this week. You'll need to wait a few more months for double releases to start back up again.

You may claim up to ten (10) cards from this release with a limit of two (2) cards per deck.
Donators and/or deck makers may claim an additional card from each deck that they made/donated.
Please organize your pull swaps in the #trades-and-pulls channel of our Discord server.
If there is nothing that you want to keep from this release (and you are unable to swap them with someone else), please click here for the update randomizer. This randomizer will log your cards automatically if you are signed in.

Event Cards: We've got three new event cards for you today. Two of them were silently released yesterday because it was my shared birthday with Yuuki Makoto of Trickstar. The other one is just because today is the start of May.

Event Cards: ev-makotobday2020, ev-camibday2020, ev-may2020

Freebies: These were all technically given away yesterday. If you grabbed them already, kudos to you! Just make sure to comment on this post with what you took so we've got a record of it somewhere. Two of them have NO RESTRICTIONS - but only for a limited time. If you're in need of cards to master decks, and these have the letters you need, make sure to jump on it before next week.

  • Discord Freebies (Cami's Birthday) In honor of my birthday, take choice cards spelling out "TWENTY SEVEN". No limits until May 8 - afterwards, only 2 per deck.
  • Discord Freebies (Makoto's Birthday): In honor of Yuuki Makoto celebrating his birthday, take choice cards spelling out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAKOTO". No limits until May 8 - afterwards, only 2 per deck.
  • Discord Freebies (Cami's Birthday Pt. 2): My favorite twins of all time decided to come home today (April 30) while I was playing IDOLiSH7. As I find this a rather...nice birthday present, take choice cards spelling out "NOVEL SPECIAL TENN" or "MANGA SPECIAL RIKU". (Honestly, I wish I could let you take both but you've got more than enough freebies today.) No more than three cards per deck, please.

May Birthdays: If you were born in the month of May, go ahead and collect your birthday rewards. Don't forget to claim your achievement plaque either.

Donations: Donation claims have been reset for the month of May. If you would like to donate, make sure to claim your decks as soon as possible.

Closing Notes: I'll see you guys again on May 8!

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