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The Decks

Here, you can view a list of all the unreleased decks featured on Spotlight. Each individual deck has a custom filler - but you can find a generic one to the left of this paragraph. However, if you are looking for the currently released decks, please click here in order to view them.

(NOTICE: Whenever there are less than 80 decks in upcoming, decks will be added as they are made and uploaded - regardless of whether or not it is a voting week. When there are 80+ decks in upcoming, decks will only be added during non-voting weeks.)

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Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
Kururugi Mutsuki(I-chu) A cool boy, opposite of his younger brother. He doesn’t try to stop anything his brother does, always watching over him instead. A boy who loves to sleep, Mutsuki does things at his own pace.PinkCami
Minase Iori(The iDOLM@STER) Iori comes from a rich family and is the daughter of a corporate CEO who is acquainted with the president of 765 Productions.PinkCami
Watanabe Minori(The iDOLM@STER: SideM) Minori is a former Flower Shop Clerk who is a longtime fan of idols, especially Ryuuguu Komachi and Jupiter. He's outwardly calm and friendly, but he is a former delinquent and can scold or even threaten someone with a calm look.PinkCami


There are no unreleased decks for this category.


There are no unreleased decks for this category.


There are no unreleased decks for this category.


There are no unreleased decks for this category.


Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
First Summer(A3!) Cover artwork for the Summer Troupe's first mini album EPBlueCami
Winter Onsen(B-Project) Mikado, Momotaro, and Yuta spend a cold winter night at an onsen resort.BlueCami
Gingerbread(BanG Dream!) Himari & Tsugumi build a gingerbread house.OrangeCami
Mustering Courage(BanG Dream!) Kasumi and Tae help Rimi gather courage.RedCami
Poolside Drinks(BanG Dream!) Himari and Moca lounging by the pool with fruity drinks.BlueLex
Rainy Day Picnic(BanG Dream!) Saaya, Kanon, and Himari enjoy a picnic on a rainy day.GreenCami
Sakura Picnic(BanG Dream!) Mashiro, Kasumi, and Kokoro having a picnic under cherry blossom trees.PinkCami
Seashell Hunting(BanG Dream!) Kasumi and Tae hunting for seashells on the beach.BlueCami
Sparkling Silver Star(BanG Dream!) Hina and Sayo together in a silver constellation theme.GrayHisuiryu
Summer Adventure(BanG Dream!) Misaki goes on a summer trip with the rest of her bandmates.BlueCami
Unfair Waterplay(BanG Dream!) Maya plays with little kids in the water.BlueCami
Wake-Up Call(BanG Dream!) Tsukushi is woken up by a morning phone call.BlueCami
Waterpark Leisure(BanG Dream!) Lisa, Ako, and Rinko having fun at a waterpark.BlueCami
RYUSEITAI(Ensemble Stars!) RYUSEITAI is a 5-person unit consisting of Morisawa Chiaki, Shinkai Kanata, Takamine Midori, Nagumo Tetora, and Sengoku Shinobu.BlueCami
Fling Posse(Hypnosis Mic) Fling Posse is the representative rap group of the Shibuya division.PurpleCami
Party of Words(Hypnosis Mic) Led by Tohoten Otome, Party of Words is the matriarchal government party with control over Japan.BlueCami
Fire Fenix (F∞F)(I-chu) F∞F, pronounced as Fire Fenix, is a three-person unit consisting of Aido Seiya, Minato Kanata, and Mitsurugi Akira.BlueCami
Twinkle Bell(I-chu) Twinkle Bell is an idol duo made up of Kururugi Satsuki and Kururugi Mutsuki.BlueCami
Re-raise(IDOLiSH7) Cover artwork for Re:vale's "Re-raise" single album.BrownCami
Tsukiakari Illuminate(IDOLiSH7) Cover artwork for MEZZO's "Tsukiakari Illuminate" single album.BlueCami
Peacekeepers(Revue Starlight) Ichie and Tamao dressed for a historical Ghost Patrol Squad stage play.PinkLex
Stage Girls(Revue Starlight) All the stage girls from Revue Starlight: Re LIVE in their battle outfits.BlueLex
Wonderland Travels(Revue Starlight) Aruru and Misora dressed as Alice and the White Rabbit.GreenLex
Babel(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Artwork from the single "Babel" by the unit Dimension-3, made up of Ichinose Shiki and Ninomiya Asuka.Purpleranka
Love Letter(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Love Letter is the second image song for Pink Check School.PinkCami
Palette(The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) Palette is the second image song for Pink Check School.PinkCami
Seleas(Tsukiuta) Yuna, Mizuki, Matsuri, Akane, Reina, and Tsubaki make up Seleas.BlueCami


Deck NameDescriptionColorDonated By
Nostalgic Christmas(BanG Dream!) The girls of Afterglow celebrating Christmas from the "Nostalgic Christmas" event and "Nostalgic Snow Dome" gacha set.RedHisuiryu
Sunlit Smile!(Ensemble Stars!) PV for "Sunlit Smile!" as performed by EveBlueCami
NO DOUBT(IDOLiSH7) PV for "NO DOUBT" as performed by Re:valeBlueCami